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Slate, being a slip-resistant medium, is often used for different flooring applications. The colors and subtle textures of a slate floor complement most of the interior design scheme. Natural slate has a look that cannot be matched using man-made alternatives. The durability of a slate floor makes it a cost effect option, in the long run. Its combination of hardness and beauty also makes it a choice for commercial applications as well as the home. It can hold up to heavy and repeated traffic and still maintain its natural beauty. Slate Lasts for Hundreds of Years, with No Maintenance Required!!


Marble has long been valued for its beauty and strength; it was and still is widely used in buildings, monuments and sculptures. Even the ancient Greeks used marble for just this purpose; and who has not heard of Michelangelo, the undisputed master from Carrara who used marble for his statues? Seems only natural that a marble countertop would be the next logical evolution in its applicable uses.


Granite is a popular material for surfaces subject to, many and varied impacts, such as kitchen and vanities, steps and floors in ‘high traffic’ areas. Some granite’s have a quite spectacular appearance and is used for their visual impact, such as on facades.  Creative Stone is providing the best granite in Toronto, Concord, Woodbridge, Richmond Hills, and the surrounding areas.

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